About Stephen

I am coming from Rochman Boulevard. Scarborough Ontario.
Rochman Boulevard is in between Markham road and Bellamy near the fire hall. I was from the middle, beside Abbeville. i was brought up with all the bes that Canada, Ontario, and Scarborough had to offer. However three people committed suicide on my street before I was twenty. One guy chose the wrong college and thought his life was over. Don’t do that. to Quote my best friend Chris, “what if, there IS a hell? ” then you just jumped right into it. That is what stopped me from killing myslef, chris, my best Friend. I thought about that, and later started following Jesus.

The best Canada had to offer is so much, it is hard to list. Clubs in my elementary school, chess, french, Square dancing, a club for almost everything you could think of with one teacher running each club. The principal gave out the golden pencil award for the best penmanship. each year. Choirs. junior and senior. In Senior high, it stunk. Bullying. But before that Miss Bird conviced us Tredway students not to smoke.
so most of us didn’t. thank you Miss bird.

At that time, Canada had a new flag, a song for the province, and Led Zeppelin. I went camping every weekend with my family up north. two hours drive, one stop for potato chips. That IS WHWAT i AM talking about. The BEST Canada has to offer. Myfather started off dirt poor and became rich. Even now that is possible, however, when I was a child, we had a middle class in Toronto. Now the middle class is a bout three per cent, the same per cent that speaks gaelic in Ireland. very small. Most people are poor, or super rich. working stiffs, or driving SUVs, and screw the environment.

So to answer the question finally, would Jesus drive and SUV. Yes, if that is how he wanted to get somewehre, yes, I beleive he would, He would walk, cycle, skateboard, drive, whatever. As long as he faithfully loyally obeyed the father in Heaven. sure, He would drive an SUV. But i don’t think transport is a big issue to Him as much as love is.

3 thoughts on “About Stephen

  1. Jesus,
    I wanna walk wit you
    On the steps and on the street,
    follow you wherever you go.

    I wanna be with you
    Meet the people that you meet.
    Follow you wherever you go.

    You make my heart
    White as the living snow.
    You clean my heart,
    White as the driven snow.
    You make my sins
    White as the driven snow.

    I wanna sit with you
    on the steps and on the street.

    Follow you wherever you go.

    You make my heart
    White as the driven snow.

    White as the snow from Solomon’s Prayer.

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