A review Of Amy Winehouse I don wana go to Rehab. I don’t want to go to rehab.

I am Stephen Brown,
I live Downtown.
If Amy Winhehouse didn’t want to go to rehab,
Why should she go?

Perhaps she is dangerous so she should be locked up.

I don’t see people locking up the leaders of countries,Kings or Emperrors,
They are dangerous,

but no one can get to them. That Idea from Chakrabarti.

So If she didn’t want to go,
Perhaps Rehab wasn’t for her.
So many people loved her.
Because she was so real.
I loved her singing, her music.

because she sang the way she feel.

So Amy didn’t want to go to rehab.
Her backup singers loved her.
I could see that they were really laying on the line

She didn’t want to go,
So don’t go.

Some people don’t want to go to war,
Don’t go.

But just remember who won your freedom
if those same soldiers are victorious. If they don’t come back,Remember who has got your back.

If they fall down on the pavement in Iraq.  their buddies ran out on the pavement and died with them. Jack. In the

sniper fire.

Some people don’t want to go outside.
So they just hang out,
Okinawa way,
Hey, that’s cool
Just do what you are good at.
Painting for example.

Some Dictators who killed their own citizens,
didn’t want to go, such as
Deng Xiao Ping, Ghenghis Khan, Hitler, The Chinese Emperor who built a palace for himself and then buried the construction workers in the wall.  They didn’t go to rehab because no one could make them.
Deng stayed too long.
someone should have sat him on the bench.  Instead of jumping across the river on the stones.

Amy didn’t want to go to rehab.

Are you the one to judge her?  I hope you’re better.


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