Easter is when Jesus got killed instead of you.
So it is like you were walking across King Street on your way to night school, and there was a car rushing at you because he was actually driving and texting.
He didn’t mean to kill you, just had to reply to that text, thinking no one saw him.
We do see you Mr. Texter. Now part of staying alive in the city involves checking whether that car coming at you has a driver that is actually paying attention and not texting.

Ayway, to get back to Easter,

There you are a deer in the headlights frozen, thinking dang. I forgot to wear clean underwear so I will look bad at the hospital, and the car is about to hit. YOur life is flashing by your eyes.

FLASH FLASh, unaccomplished bucket list, FLASH.

when out of nowhere some guy jumps in front of the car, who you haven’t met before, and then pushes you out of the way and saves your life. But sadly, gets run over by the blue late model Imported mid size car.

So the guy sacrificed his life to save your life.

That is what easter is about.

I could never really understand why Jesus died on the cross, until it was explained to me that way. I hope you get it. There is nothing you need to do,

All the rule following, traditions, and extra stuff was made up by man.

The love is put in by God Himself.
So Happy Easter.
Have a great holiday. Jesus saved my your life.


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