Ten People that inspired me in my life.and can inspire you if you meet them.


I am from Scarborough Ontario Canada.
The three best things that I have done in my life are
get married,
go to Japan, and
follow Jesus (Sometimes) (Nobody is perfect)
The four worst things I have done in my life are pollute, be proud, be unfriendly, and
let down my best friend.
The ten best people that I have met in my life are
only the top ten.
I have met many amazing people.
The most inspiring,
Tim, PAZ Japan
The kindest and also great free toast. Chrisitne,
PAZ Japan
The Summer Institute ofLinguistic dude,
Rundell Marree, Babuyan Island.
My father. "Nothing is impossible.'
President Obama,
I am personally amazed that a black man got elected president.
This means anyone can do anything.
Forget haters,
Just get out there.
Of course I realise that people hate.
Just pick up the pieces and go on.
Just dust off your sleeve and remember who you are.
Remember your name.
My wife.
she tries every day of her life.
Shoko san
She is a trueservant. a very kind person with a heart of gold.
Junko San
diplomatic. Mature, Appropriate
Once Wayne pulled a Prince move and rolled into my house to cause peace.
"Blessed are the peacemakers." Jesus
Charles Sutherland.
I can't tell you what he said to me, however, he helped me and my family tremendously in one sentence.
Thanks charles. I can't forget you and thanks for what you said,
"Words of wisdom like apples of gold.




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