7 People that are doing something to help people in Canada and what they are up to.


a)      Margareida is managing a huge facility and trying to get people who have no jobs, to get jobs.


b)      Janice is helping the elderly and disabled


c)      Stephen Harper I hope I didn’t spell his name wrong. Pls forgive, is flying around the world and    trying to bring businesspeople with him to make trade agreements.


d)      I noticed mostly Chinese young people and women giving money to the old woman sitting at College and Yonge begging.  There is a web cam there if you have the skill to find it. Anybody is welcome to give spare change to her of course. Don’t feel alienated. 🙂


e)      The Canadian soldiers are out there fighting bullies. Bullies are people like you met in you met in elementary school except with guns and armies. and power. and bodyguards. And self righteousness.


f)       Kevin is shooting out profound thoughts and things on http://www.facebook.com  that Jesus, who was Jewish, said.


g)      Friendly Canadians often give disabled people a seat on the subway.  They jusmp up like they have been shot or there is electric current running through the chair.


h)      Friendly visiting foreign Korean students try to talk with Naoya the Japanese student and invite him to have an udon party.


i)       Police are protecting us from them bad dudes.


j)       Bad dudes are trying to help their friends on the street, and do what they can.



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