What do lyou think faith is? What is yours?

What do lyou think faith is? What is yours?


Faith in God. What is it? Well it is not as personal as you might think. The faith is a personal idea came according to Bosch a theologian as a reaction to evolution. Christians tried to internalise faith to preserve it feeling that they were under attack. 

Faith is not constant. Look at Abraham the father of three faiths. At one point he is up declaring God and going exactly where God tells him. The next thing you know he is giving up his wife and telling her to say that she is his sister because he is afraid that someone will kill him to get his beautiful wife. No faith is up and down like a roller coaster. You  know. like the Roller coaster at the CNE the Canadian National exhibition.


One minute you are rolling with the big dogs, waving your hands up in the air and praying and singing and clapping, and then the next thing you know. life hits you with a brick in your face, you start to get nervous. “Hey wake up Jesus, are you there or what? Get UP> get UPl. This boat is sinking.

That is faith.


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