My favourite Transferrable skills which I already posses.

  1. Dishwashing
  2. seeing.
  3. I can see a crazy dude coming.
  4. I can see a dude who is going to ask me for money.
  5. I can see a dangerous dude.
  6. I can see a dude who believes he is smarter than me.

7. Walking

I am willing to walk anywhere, as long and as far as it takes as long as I can find a wahsroom and have a way to get back, in order tofind a job.

I can walk, without a wheelchair, without a cane, both feet, fast or slow and runniing if I need to.


I can talk the head of f a donkey. about any old crap. in Japanese, english and chinese.


I can answer denotative questions at  Toronto job interviews however, bomb out on surprise questions or techniques. For example, |Do you speak Spanish?  I don’t what can I say, still leangning.

talk. I am not afraid to talk to anyone who is interested in talking to me.


I can hear what you are saying.

I hear what other people are saying.

I hear sometimes the buzz on the street or on the net.

I can hear.


My FAVOURITE, skills

Loving people.

For example, I really enjoyed going into a hostel, grabbing this dude I know, out of a smoky hostel and then taking him to church. with a nother dude I know. after all, one guy became a Christian. 


I can follow orders to the pint of stupidity. No problem.


this is what I enjoy doing though. Creating art, creating design, dreating graphics, creating advertising design, creating pitures, creating something in the viual world which is beautiful and also whichi is useful at the same time.

For example Silver medal in the logo contest for  designing a logo for the company PC booster, we make your coomputer faster.

the Buzz stop Cafe Business Card.

Working outside the house.
I enjoy getting well dressed almost as if I am a business man and goin g to hang out a the Delta Chelsea and then creating whatever there.

Working for homeless youth.

I enjoy cooking for homeless youth. After all, they are hungry. And I can do it.


I love painting wallls, chairs, planks, dressers, anything, I don’t mind the time, cleaning or preparing. Just want to not leave spots and not do a bad job. In faact I pray every time that I do paint jobs that I will imporve my skill as a painteer so that Imy reputation as a painter will spread.

I love being involved in anything to do with building.

  1. Building people up wh are suicidal or discouraged.
  2. building churches. I mean I enjoy starting frrom the where there is nobody nothing and giving it a shot on a team of Christians. Succeed or fail, I ahave done both.
  3. building up teams, or groups.
  4. I enjoy joining teams or groups and participating.
  5. building desks. Currently I am in the process of building a acomputer dest specifically to fint the needs of my lifestlye from the garbage left behind in the condo downstairs.
  6. building new relationships. I have fifty three friends on facebook.


Make money.

  1. I can make kmoney by teaching ESL students and then inspiring them and then helping them not to quit but to keep going in their lives. 
  2. Image



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