Canada She blows hot and cold.

The Canadian winter.

In the winter, we are surviving the cold. We get on the train, look around in October and Novermber, “Hey you with the rolly bag, don’t go.”

But our brothers and sisters go. Think they’ll get out in the fall got some friend they can go working for.   (Ian tyson, four strong winds.)  Then November it gets colder, time to break out the warm clothing. the hats the mists the scarfs the gloves whatever will keep you warm. Then December, January, time to buy coffee for th beggars.

The Homeless

5000 Homeless in Toronto. Please correct me if I am wrong. Although we are building 172 or so condominiums in Toronto, I believe that this will only create more homeless people. Who is going to help them? who is going to speak up for them? who is going to step in to the gap?  And try and chill out and laugh while the abyss beckons. 

Yes, the spring is here, time for camping, fishing looking at birds, they came back. butterflies, and to try and forget all the good times that I have had and make new friends, new experiences, and try to figure out how to get a job. A real Job.


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