These places Imagerock to go on a vacation. the Days Inn, Edmunston, New Brunswick.  That Motel is really fun with all the collected memorabilia.  The photo above has blue


inside.  GananImageoque is nice because you are right beside lake Ontario.  Also Quebec and Quebec city is wonderful because you get a chance to speak French. If you can’t speak French and you are Canadian, hey make an attempt. get aImage life. You are reading roman

letters after all, you know the alphabet.   The Econolodge in St. Appollinaire is great. Also the Econolodge in Ottawa is great just south of the parliament buildings on the wesImaget side. Free breakfast.

This New Moon photo is a tribute to a photographer that I saw at harbourfront that took a picture of a gas station. I tried to do a similar thing. However that photoImagegrapher did it better.

It was the cropping.

Anyway, lf you have a car and a few bucks, go to Ontario Quebec and New brunswick. Very nice.


Unlike getting pulled over at the border of New York State and haveing your car searched.  I will admit I had vague answers like maybe I will go to Quebec or Boston. However since I did get seaImagerched like i was a criminal, that madeImage


One thought on “Vacation

  1. THanks One Anna for liking the post. I haven’t quite figured out to likes yet, SO I just hope you see this here. HOpe you are having the best day that you can. I was cleaning a factory myself. Very physically tiring. So I did some weight lifting, to try and get ready for tonight.

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