Ten things to do on your Canada vacation

1. rent a car from Enterprise rent a car. The Ford Fusion. … or a mid size. Don’t let them give you the Hyundae. Image   Image

, Go up north. Stop at Webers. on Highway 400. 

2. Fish. Ya don’t need to catch anything just throw the lure in and try to forget. 

3. sit on a huge rock. , put a piece of grass in your mouth, try to make a sound.

4. Eat GORP. Good old raisins and peanuts.in the boat. or beside Image

5. Stay at motels, and build up points or get free stays.

6. Get into the canoe, and get the back seat so you can steer.

7. Look macho, and carry the canoe. Put it down when no one is looking.

8.  Go through the drive through at Tim Horton’s with your rented car.

9. take pictures, and try to get other people to look at them.

10. Stare at the water and see if  you see any fish moving. 

Get excited and call your friend over whether you do or not.

and point at the water, and say, “woa.! look at that!?!”


in a kind of scared, zombied out voice.



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