Is it true? is lie all about love? For my friend. and u.

Life is about love. Loving people a little or a lot depending on what you can do, your resourses of time and money and whatever you have. Life is not about hating, remembering, revenging. Forget all that alreadly, it is holding you back 


all those hurts you received in Juvenile hall, from your dad, from this guy, that guy and the other guy. they are don’e there is nothing to do about them. all the pain you yoursefl inflicted on yourself from drining too much or whatever , it is yesterday. Forget it.

Life is about looking at each person that you meet on the street.

Do you have the resources to help them?

Perhaps all you can do is say hi. Do it. today. Perhaps that person is thinking ImageTereof joumping off a bridge. Your Hi saved His or her life.

Perhaps all you can do is go overseas and start a huge NGO helping the poor get out of poverty and desperate situatios. DO it. Do it. Get  on that plane. You will never regret it. YOu have the skills, the talent. Solomon wrote that if you can love someone today, love them. he was wsie. Do it.

Perhaps you got no time, no mood noo money, no patience. Well don’t help anyone that day. they don’t need your help. You are not God . Leave them in the hands of God.  they will be OK without you. They survived this far through camps in Pulau Pidong. Playing cards and waiting foro freedom. So You are not the big man. the saviour. Jesus IS.

Howver, perhaps you can serve someone.

Or carry that table, or clean that floor. Or speak to that guy who is about to have an affair. tell him to knock it off. tell him to think hard about the consequences of his actions. Do it. 

Help the homeless, help the orphans, help your relatives like Mother Teresa Said. Help the disabled, and get involved. Do what you can. You have eyes,, some don’t you have legs, some don’t you have hands, some donlt you perhpas are from the rich countires, some aren’t you have freedom some don’t so what you ahave, use it today.

Today, is the day of your salvation.  Love someone, Today.


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