Yonge and College

Yonge and College

On Yonge Street, there are people hanging outside the Royal Bank. Having a coffee break. Talking about this weekend, where to go. A tourist walks down the street. trying to to look lost. But secretly wondering.

Always there are very built up macho types with heads shaved as if they just got out of the military. Looking ready for all kind of action as if a helicopter is going to land Blackhawk Down Style on the pavement in need of rescue.

There are many people that have you analysed very quickly as you walk towards them and ask your for spare change in a way the aims at the target market. You. You are the target. The mark, the victim.

Also there are teenagers on the street from Foster Plan of Canada, World Vision, Doctors without Frontiers, asking you “Hey, do you have a minute? ” They are prefessional beggars begging for foster children, or for doctors, or poor people, .

Other people on the street are religious, they are friendly and would like to take you to their mosque, their temple, their “friendly coffee house, ” or whatever they currently have set up as their people lobster traps.


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