Job Hunting. Never Give up.

Job Hunting. Never Give up.

this is a map of China June 4th When deng Xiao Ping instructed the troops to massacre the students in order to gain control of China again.

But anyway, onto job searching.

In Toronto, there are all kinds of people, organisations, businesses that help us get jobs. Unfortunately, the businesses that help you get a job. That is their job. To work at keeping you looking for a job.

So how to get a job?

Well. 1
Never give up.
2. Don’t listen to those negative people who curse you out and call you names and tell you you are a scum bag or look at your face in a concerned way and say “What is wrong with you?”

there is nothing wrong with you. Someone else was able to do a better job interview than you and so they got the job, you didn’t that is all.

3. PHone in the morning so get u at 6 or 7 to have numbers ready to call. Email. and web search is only useful for finding phone numbers as far as I can see. No assistant wants to do anything about your job inquiry, they are too busy in Toronto. And if they are not, they are on break time.

4. Don’t give up. you can do it.

5. Write to your powerful friends who own big factories, be real with them tell them that this is the sitch I am looking for a job. and what should I do. I get great advice that way.

6. My powerful friends don[‘t live in Toronto so please don’t tell me to work for them. they are overseas.

7. every single skill that has to do with working, try to improve it like excel, word poweroint, anything computers, all the skills in your particular field, and any and all skills talents and gifts that you posses. Use them everyday.

8. Pick up the phone make at least three or five calls a day. three or five emails a day and print out your resume and keep stacks on hand for when you feel like taking a walk in the afternoon.

9. donlt give up, you just need one yes. even if you have ninety nine nos. (This idea from What colour is your parachute. )

10 Keep going, Rocky. Get up rock Get up. 🙂


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