Love Where is it. where is love.

Love Where is it. where is love.

Love is in Sagamihara Japan.
There is sunshine there.
And the sounds of people talking together happily, like birds.
Also there is hope. Hope that things will be better.

so You can find love where you find love, and hope and people talking together.

Don’t go looking other places, it isn’t there. 🙂 It is where someone is making a sacrifice of their life and lying on the pavement. And his friends are looking at him in horror because they are his friends and they are getting ready to go running out and run and get him and drag him back to that pavement.

and then they also get hit with sniper fire and fall on the pavement.
But at least they loved. They loved that guy and they did what they could. They didn’t leave him lying on the pavement even though he told them, forget about it. Jsut keep going. No they didn’t leave him hanging in the wind, hanging out to dry.

They went and got him.

So where you find friends like that, don’t be a fool like me and leave them. Stay with them. that is where love is, Sagamihara, Where people laugh, and talk and have fun, and the sun shines and there is hope and God’s love blows in like a long long wave on a beautiful beach.

And at night there is a fire at the beach and someone has a guitar and people are plalying a laughing and eating and singing.


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