The Best Father on the earth.

The Best Father on the earth.

Let me describe ten reasons why my own father is the best father on the earth.

God, is the best father in heaven.

Here are the ten.

Yes, when I dived into a swiimming pool as an infant thinking water is walkable, he dived in and got me out.

He does what he wants. Yet still keeps people with him.

He worked enough to keep us having electricity, lights, and also a house. so we could study. eat, sleep in the rain and stay dry. (Idea from Chris Rock, )

He was the captain of the Boys Brigade and got Boys togehter, and then got them going to church.

He flew over to see me in Asia and also in Japan. With Japan, he brought my mother, and we travelled together.

He creates new stuff every day.

He constantly teaches me how to do carpentry, farming, weed, small tool stuff, drive a tractor. and I could go on.

I went to Asia as a missionary. and if you have gone, you know you didn’t get supported by churches. Only the director did. Sorry but that is what it is . Thanks for going. However, when I came back my biggest supporterr was still, waiit for it.
My dad.

Nine O.
He knows how to live. How to have joy. How to tell jokes.

I love my father. And I still don’t understand where my mother went. I was looking at her in the hospital, for a while there, and then, she was gone. I believe that she went to heaven, but to have a human on the earth, and then for that human NOT to be on the eath, is to me quite difficult fo figure out.

I think like Kazuma one of my students when he saw 9-11 on TV. After watching it, I asked him in front of his mother , what he thought. He told us the most common sense thing I have heard about 9 -11. “I don’t believe it. ”


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