The View outside my Donut shop

The View outside my Donut shop

So, what is it ilike to say no to a close frien? Well pretty lousy. Usually when we were young and we were close friends we used to say the usual crap.

Yeah if you are in a fight, I will fight that guy, if I am in t afight , you fight that guy. We never fought. We always were the use your mouth types instead. There were fights going on all around us but not with us

Until now.

So now I am supposed to say yes to teaching his child but I can’t. I don’t have the materials, I left them in Japan. I was a great teacher in Japan. famous. Well liked, great curriculum. teaching is very connected to curriculum and I had the great stuff. I managed to bump into one of the greatest schools in Japan Matsuka Phonics Institute. They are great in my opinion becuase they teach English in a way that makes sense to Japanese children and carries their dignity. Not like some other internatioal curriculums who just wan the money and are written for no one and anyone who has got a buck. This school loves the children it teaches.

So what is it ilike to say no toa close friend? Lousy. Either I keep my wife, and lose my friend, or lose my wife and keep my friend. I hope you would say keep your wife. After all, a wife is a close friend too. She put up with all your crap all your life. and was loyal to you and helped you when you neeeded rescue.

A wife trusts you.

A wife saves yoour life not heroically like a man in a fight on a bus wehre the guy probably has aknife and you better watch him. A wife saves lyour life constantly every day.

So lt is lousy to say no to afrirend, however, lousier to lose a wife.


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