Your Child and how to destroy his or her interest in learning.

1, Laugh at himy  or her.

2. Get divorced.

3. Yell and scream, and just have chaos happening in the home.

4. Bore him or her to death by facing his or her study desk at the wall and take away ALL distractions. For example, any of the child’s own interests.

5.  Keep the child guessing about where his or her next meal is coming from.

6.  Come home wasted, and fall through the study desk you just bought. and don’t get up until you are good and ready.

7. Let the child do anything he or she wants.

8. allow any or all the other children to hit or touch, or vebally aassault your child.

9. Tell other parents and the neighbours the shortcomings of your child. For eg. He is shy. She is short.

10. Make sure you live in a place that has no green grass.


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