One thought on “Photos

  1. For Tokyo. I love you.
    I wrote this when I first arrived in Tokyo.

    When you are riding the trains.
    Most of the people are sleeping.
    they are dreaming of train stations.
    Where they can drink coffees in cafes.

    In these Cafes the people greet you.
    they call out your name.
    And say what a great chap you are I guess.
    So you want to return again
    When you give them your money
    They smile and think it’s funny so they
    tell you to come back soon

    becasue they’ll never forget you.
    Sometimes you meet an old friend in these cafes
    with all the servers calling out your name, and then things start to get loud.
    it is a cafe that floats on the clouds

    When you are riding the trains
    you see the wildest looking sights
    and they obviosly have worked on their hair
    So they can dance with it
    All night.

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